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Standard Pallet jacks

Standard Pallet jacks

Items: Standard Pallet Jacks - Capacities: 2,200 to 11,000 lbs - Service Range: 2.9 to 7.48 inches

Application: For moving moving pallets in a warehouse, loading dock, or factory - Come in different sizes to accomodate various standard pallet sizes

Description: Standard US pallets are 48" long and 40" wide - Pallets are usually handled by pallet jacks that are 27" wide with fork lengths of 48" - Standard European pallets are 48" long x 32" wide - Pallets are usually handled by pallet jacks that are 20.5" wide with fork lengths of 48" - If intended use is to grab the pallet from the side instead of from the front, the pallet jack should have a shorter fork length - Additional sizes are offered for smaller pallets - 5,500 lbs capacity is standard for most warehouse operation, but smaller and larger capacity models are also listed  

Included Features in All Standard Pallet Jacks:

  • All pumps include overload protection bypass valve
  • Fork tips include 15 inches of reinforced steel for extra strength

Industry Names: Also known as 'pallet trucks'

Includes:  (1) pallet jack

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!

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