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Steel Mark Dolly Set

Steel Mark Dolly Set

Quick Info: Mark Dolly Set - Prepackaged with Case - Swivel Padded Top - Steel Rollers - Set Capacity: 10 to 35 tons 

Country of Origin: Made in the USA 

Application: Mark Roller Dollies are primarily used for moving of manufacturing machines in factories.

Description: High capacity low profile dollies with steel rollers. 
Low in height and easy to control. Comes with a swivel top for easy maneuvering. 
Swivel top rotates 360° (degrees), and holds its direction through friction with the frame. 
Allows for straight back and forth motion, zigzag, or 90° (degrees) broadside turns. 
Outfitted with an anti-slip load pad. Use the steering handle to change direction of the dolly.

Roller Type: 
  • Steel: For non-sensitive floors. 
Top Style: 
  • Swivel, Padded: Built-in neoprene pad allows for some compression and provides a non-slip surface. Adds minimal height to the basic roller skate. Provides the ability to make turns without jacking the equipment. Features chrome steel ball bearings for smooth operation. For moving on less than perfect floors or for moving metal based machines.
Sets Include: (4) four roller dollies, (4) four anti-slip load pads, (2) two tandem connectors that enable the units to be joined together (front-to-back), (1) one T-bar pulling handle for easy moving and turning, and (1) one compact plastic storage case 

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!
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Model Set Capacity (tons) Capacity Per Dolly (tons) Top Style Type Number of Rollers Per Dolly Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price More Info QTY
CH00120 10 2.5 Padded Swivel 2 12 5 5 122 7 - 10 days $1,818.72 Details
CH00130 15 3.75 Padded Swivel 3 16 5 5 154 7 - 10 days $2,213.27 Details
CH00140 35 8.75 Padded Swivel 6 16 7.3 5 250 7 - 10 days $3,295.09 Details
Total: $0.00

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  • Never exceed working load limits!
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