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Transport Chain - Capacity 4,700 lbs - Length 20 ft

Transport Chain - Capacity 4,700 lbs - Length 20 ft

Model: AS15450
Usually Ships Within: 3 - 7 days



Quick Info

  • Made from high strength Grade 70 steel
  • Electronically welded and heat treated
  • Considered the chain of choice for load binding applications
  • Well suited for tie-downs, towing, and logging operations
Product Description & Specifications

Product Description

Item: Transport Chain. Capacity: 4,700 lbs. Length: 20 feet. Chain Size: 5/16 inch

Application: Used in applications where tie down chain or tow chain is needed

Description: Fabricated from high quality grade 70 steel that has been heat treated and electronically welded for outstanding performance. Ideal for everyday use in the towing and securing industry. Approved for over-the-road towing or securing

Includes: (1) one chain

WARNING: Manufactured for pulling and securing quality standards. Check local and national regulations before using any type of pulling and securing products - NOT to be used for overheald lifting. Never exceed rated capacity!


  • Chain Length (ft) 20
  • Chain Size (in) 5/16 in
  • Usually Ships Within 3 - 7 days
  • Weight (lbs) 21.4
  • Working Load Limit (lbs) 4700