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Web Winch Strap - Winch to Winch - Width 4 inches - Length 30 ft

Web Winch Strap - Winch to Winch - Width 4 inches - Length 30 ft

Model: AS00110
Usually Ships Within: 5 - 7 days



Quick Info

  • Quickly and easily secures loads
  • Durable polyester webbing
  • Create endless loops with ratchets
  • Meets or exceeds DOT and WSTDA standards
Product Description & Specifications

Product Description

Item: Web Winch Strap - Winch to Winch - Width: 4 inches. Length: 30 feet. Bind Capacity per Strap: 5,400 lbs

Applications: Designed to secure heavy, bulky, or bundled loads. Provides the strength and durability demanded in flatbed tie-down requirements

Description: Outfitted with flat ends for easy attachment. Flat end is intended to be fed into a ratcheting winch. Made from resin-coated polyester for minimum stretch and maximum wear resistance

Quality Standard: Labeled to meet CHP standards, proposed North American Cargo Securement Standards, DOT regulations, and WSTDA recommended standards

Includes: (1) one winch strap

WARNING: Not for overhead lifting. Never exceed working load limit!


  • Usually Ships Within 5 - 7 days