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Heavy Duty - Container Dollies - Singles

JUNG - Container Dollies - Singles

Quick Info: Steerable Front or Straight-Line Rear - JUWAthan Wheels - Fits Any 8 ft Wide ISO Freight Container with Standard Corner / Castings Fittings

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: JUNG / Made in Germany 

Application: Used in the transport of ISO freight containers or steel platforms outfitted with container corner holes. 

Description: Select one or a combination of steerable or straight-line dollies for your container moving needs. The resilient & durable patented JUWAthan wheels will not mark or damage floors, and provide easy steering and rolling at max capacity. JUNG container dollies provide reliable use under the toughest working conditions.    
  • Steerable (Front): Two interconnected roller cassettes are syncroneously steerable with one towing handle. May be attached to a forklift for pushing or towing by the pulling handle towing eye.  
  • Straight-line (Rear): Stationary loading platforms travel in a straight line when pushed or pulled.
Dolly Types:
  • Indoor: Low profile, made to be used on smooth surfaces, and outfitted with cone style container fittings that slide into the container corner holes to prevent slipping of the dollies. 
  • Outdoor: Large rollers provide more ground clearance, and may be used indoors or outdoor pavement. Outfitted with container twist-lock fittings. Turning the handle on the twist-lock anchors the dolly to the container.
Quality Standard: Comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty and lifetime technical support.

  • Steerable (Front): (1) one steerable 2-part dolly with connecting bars, & pulling handle
  • Straight-line (Rear): (1) one straight-line 2-part dolly with connecting bars*  NOTE: 14 ton model is outfitted with (1) one connecting bar.
WARNING: Never exceed roller cassette rated capacity!

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Model Type Version Capacity (tons) Capacity of Each Load Cassette (tons) Roller Diameter (in) Height to Top of Fitting (in) Width Fitting to Fitting (in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price More Info QTY
0X14 Indoor Front 14 7 3.3 6.6 89 260 Same day $4,043.00 Details
0Y14 Indoor Rear 14 7 3.3 6.6 89 87 Same day $2,775.00 Details
0X20 Outdoor Front 20 10 5.5 11.8 89 390 Same day $8,070.00 Details
0Y20 Outdoor Rear 20 10 5.5 11.8 89 205 Same day $5,135.00 Details
0X30 Outdoor Front 30 15 5.5 11.8 89 642 6 - 8 weeks $11,413.00 Details
0Y30 Outdoor Rear 30 15 5.5 11.8 89 278 6 - 8 weeks $7,234.00 Details
Total: $0.00