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Self Powered Crawler Dollies - Deluxe Kit - Capacity: 100 tons

Anti-slip pattern top turntable allows crawler to rotate under the machine Two steel tracks permit crawler to push, pull, and turn 360 Precision-made steel track pads will not damage smooth floors Use with unpowered rear dollies to allow track to follow contours of floor
Call For Price 1 Height (in) 8.5 Load Capacity (tons) 100 Pull Capacity (tons) 100 SKU Old H370 Type Deluxe Kit Usually Ships Within Call
Purchase Self Powered Crawler Dollies - Deluxe Kit - Capacity: 100 tons
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    Model: HR02440

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Information For Model HR02440

Item: Crawler Dollies - Self Powered - Deluxe Kit - Capacity: 100 tons

Manufacturer: Hilman Rollers

Propulsion: Powered by a drive along vehicle

Description: Self-propelled dolly crawler system designed for moving heavy loads. The front powered crawler is equipped with an anti-slip turntable that allows the crawler to rotate under the machine and enables 360° (degrees) turning. The powered crawler pulls, or reverses, the load while two non-powered dollies follow under the back-end of the load. Directional control is provided by a joy-stick console. Power to the front crawler is supplied by a drive-along vehicle.

Roller Type: The front crawler is outfitted with (2) two steel tracks similar to a dozer which allow the crawler to pull and turn. The track pads are smooth and the edges are rounded so the floor surface will not get marked or scratched. The rear dollies are outfitted with standard rollers.

Value Added Feature: Self-contained system. No additional equipment needed to move loads. Powered crawler system eliminates the need for forklifts or other types of tuggers.

    Deluxe Kits: Includes (1) one powered crawler, (1) one drive-along power supply vehicle, (4) four rear 12 ton dollies, plus a variety of accessories (see complete list further down).

    WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!