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Forklift Hitch - Compatible with JUNG dollies & skates w up to 36 tons capacity

Forklift Hitch - Compatible with JUNG dollies & skates w up to 36 tons capacity

Model: FH3
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Quick Info

  • Load is in front, providing better visibility positioning
  • Use with skates that include a towing eye
  • Push, pull, & steer load with the forklift
  • Made in Germany
Product Description & Specifications

Product Description

Quick Info: Forklift Tow Hitch - For Use with JUNG Machine Skates - Drawbar Capacity: 6,000 lbs - Capacity: 36 tons

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: JUNG / Germany

Application: Designed to allow the operator to move heavy loads while having the load in front of him. In standard applications the operator is towing the load, which limits visibility. Provides better visibility to the operator and gives better control over positioning of loads.

Description: Equipped with a towing eye that is 1.8 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches in height. For direct pushing of loads, the forklift hitch has a padded front bumper for precision positioning. Fits any forks up to a 6" width. Slide hitch into place, attach the included binder chain to the rear of the hitch and cage of the forklift securely. Slide towing eye over the hitch. Secure safety pin before moving the load.

Understanding Capacity: The drawbar force is the pushing/pulling force exerted. It is not the load weight capacity. For example: A 10 ton load (load capacity) on dollies with a 10% break-out rolling resistance will require 1 ton of drawbar force, i.e. you need to push with 1 ton of force to get the load rolling. The advertised 'load capacity' is the load weight when used with the same manufacturer’s dollies since the rolling resistance is known. If used with another type or brand of dollies, please determine the rolling resistance of your dollies and verify that the drawbar capacity is adequate.

Includes: (1) one forklift hitch and binder chain attachment

WARNING: Never exceed rated capacity!


  • Capacity (lbs) 72,000
  • Capacity (tons) 36
  • Compatibility Fits up to 6 inch forks
  • Draw Bar Capacity (lbs) 6,000
  • Height (in) 12.8
  • Hitch Pin Height (in) 3.5
  • Includes Chain and Binder
  • Manufacturer JUNG
  • Usually Ships Within Same Day
  • Weight (lbs) 77
  • Width (in) 23.2