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Deluxe Machine Skate - Set Capacity 24 tons

Conforms to ANSI/ASME B30.1-2009 Patented JUWAthan Rollers will not damage floors or leave marks Low Profile keeps load close to the ground Our 3 point dolly system won't slip out - even under pulling & tugging Lifetime Technical Support on all rigging skates.
Certifications Meets ASME B30.1 Connecting Bar Length (in) 48.5 Front Dolly - Height (in) 4.3 Front Dolly - Length (in) 23 Front Dolly - Width (in) 40 Pull Handle Length (in) 44 Rear Dolly - Height (in) 4.3 Rear Dolly - Length (in) 13 Rear Dolly - Width (in) 15 SKU Old AB12Set Set Capacity (tons) 24 Set Weight (lbs) 300 Usually Ships Within Same Day
Purchase Deluxe Machine Skate - Set Capacity 24 tons
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    Model: JU00040

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Information For Model JU00040

Item: 3 Point Machine Roller Dollies - Complete Set - Professional - Set Capacity: 24 tons - Patented JUWAthan Rollers

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: JUNG / Made in Germany 

Application: Roll heavy loads easily from point A to point B with less effort - Used by NASA, US MILITARY, the NUCLEAR INDUSTRY, and manufacturers moving vital loads - Applications range from military defense system, nuclear power plant applications, the transport of sensitive material, furnaces, and other material handling applications of the utmost importance

Description: 3-point dolly system for frequent daily use - Rollers have low rolling restistance and are outfitted with sealed precision ball bearings - Low profile keeps load close to the ground - Won't slip out from under the load, even when pulling and tugging - Industrial machine roller dollies with highest reliability, durability, and safety standard - Extremely durable even under toughest working conditions - Skates are interchangeable with all models dating back 30 years - All steel components are powder coated or galvanized for corrosion resistance
  • Front: Freely steerable - Comes with a thrust bearing supported turntable, allowing for free steering without needing to stop and reposition to turn - Pull by hand or attach them to a forklift for towing
  • Rear: Rigid straight line moves - Distance between the rear dollies is adjustable - Can be connected using the spreader bar to ensure that the dollies will be kept parallel - Use of connecting bar is highly recommended for optimal stability
Roller Type: 
  • Patented JUWAthan (advanced Polyurethane): Will not damage, scratch, or mark floors 
Quality Standard: 5 year warranty - Lifetime technical support - Replacement parts available at cost - Meets safety standard ASME B30.1 

Sets Include: (1) one steerable front dolly with pulling handle & (2) two straight-line rear dollies, and (1) one connecting bar

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!